Corporate Social Responsibility


We Are Together!


FairLife Vision

FairLife act on development and health as MediTec Group corporate social responsibility progams in Africa and globally


MediTec FairLife Division

We fund our projects as a development of health for all people on the globe. We believe that by giving back to the global community from our experiences and understanding through our FairLife Health Programs, we also gain as a company.


From the growing understanding of the world, we see that we are part of making earth a better place to be in as fundamentally We are Together!


Good Health start with Pure Water!

In order to attain development good health the the first and paramount objective. Good health in the rural areas come always starts with and from pure water.


Our mission is to produce low cost, superior quality water. If the water we drink is not pure this will cause a full access for bacteria to paralyze the very immune system itself whereas pure water make us healthy as it is proven that pure water improves the general health and livelihood of people in rural areas this is where we aim to be and act with our full attention and our commitment.


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